One of my favourite sayings is most definitely nothing changes if nothing changes, and this sets the tone for week 2 of Transformation in Motion. If you have been following these posts from the beginning, you will know that week one was about the Why.

Without a strong enough Why any change or transformation will become challenging to maintain in the long term, especially when things get a bit tough, and it usually does at some point. If transformation didn’t then we would all be exactly where we wanted to be in life, right?

What has been of great use to me is what I call my ‘non-negotiables’. These are specific activities that I do daily to ensure good mental health and a positive mindset. These non-negotiables also help me to manage my stress levels and keep me motivated. To experience the benefits of your non-negotiables what is  important is quality over quantity and consistency.

Non-negotiables are activities that you do on a daily basis to help you remain focussed and positive.

I start each morning with a meditation. Meditation helps me to focus and slow down my mind. Meditation has also been shown to increase productivity and creativity, improves problem solving and emotion regulation. I use the Insight Timer app, which allows me to choose the length and type of meditation. There are a huge variety of meditations to choose from, and there is even a beginners course on how to meditate. Some mornings I do not have the time to do more than 5 minutes, whilst I can meditate for much longer on other mornings. The idea is to to do it regardless.

The second non-negotiable is journaling. Each morning I write one page in my journal. I have chosen not to focus on the negative but rather set my intentions for the day and write about all that I am grateful for. This helps boost my levels of positivity and helps me to keep perspective on how much I do have in life.

The third non-negotiable is ending my morning shower with one minute of ice-cold water. This has been proven to increase blood flow, boost the immune system and helps to bolster my mind and body.

The last non-negotiable for me is exercise. I choose to train between 5-6 times per week. Exercise is my time to disconnect and focus on my health. At the end of each session, I feel I have achieved something, which goes a long way to a positive mindset. I appreciate that not everyone has the luxury of time, but so long as you are doing something to help you maintain a positive mindset that is all that matters.

It has taken me quite some time to perfect my non-negotiables, and there are some days when it takes a great deal of effort to complete some of them. I have learned that by doing them, I feel much better throughout the day, and that is my WHY. My Why is to simply be the best version of myself on a daily basis and this can only be achieved if I put in the effort.

We are all different, so you need to play around and see what works best for you. The non-negotiables become your anchor to good mental health and play an essential part in helping you achieve your transformation. You can try yoga, reading, walking, writing, art, the list is endless. Remember that the purpose is to get you into a positive mindset and focussed on your day. What we do each day will significantly contribute to where we end up.

michael theron

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