It all started three years, where I had this idea to create a space that would hopefully inspire others to transform their lives and start living their best life possible. Then life happened, and I went through some significant changes and put the idea on the backburner. 

However, this idea or concept never left my mind and would often remerge. Sometimes it felt like just a pipedream, and other times it was exciting and full of potential. Yet, there were times where I used my inability to get it off the ground like a proverbial whipping stick to reinforce what a failure I was for not seeing it through.

Looking back at the changes and life events I went through, I am grateful that they allowed me to evolve and grow in many different ways. Nonetheless, this only served to increase my frustration with not having the courage to pursue what I believed would make me happy. 

I love reading and researching, I love writing and being creative, and I am passionate about making a difference. If only I stepped out of my comfort zone and committed to making the idea work, this would fulfil these loves. Please do not get me wrong; I love the work I do as a psychologist, but I want more, give more, and be the best version of myself, living and loving life to the fullest.

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life. Every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. Keep going. Remember why you started.” Jillian Michael.

Then an incredible thing happened; I became so frustrated that I was ready to scream, throw things and explode. How could I even consider myself authentic and living with a purpose if I was not doing what I wanted to do? And at that moment, I realised that I had to pursue my dream regardless of the outcome. One of the key ingredients that were missing in all of this was accountability. The awareness of a lack of accountability brought my mind into focus and reignited the Transformation In Motion project.

So, what exactly is this Transformation in Motion project and the accountability I keep babbling on about? It is a space where people who want to bring about change and transformation in their lives can go to find out the latest research, tools and techniques, ideas and thinking to help them accomplish this, regardless of what their end goal might be. It is about creating a community of like-minded people who want to live authentic and exciting life. It is about making the most of every day and living in a place of gratitude and loving-kindness.

You are probably asking, ‘what makes him the expert?’ An expert I am not, but rather someone who has had to fight his demons and overcome obstacles, who has lived his life feeling as though he didn’t fit in or would never be good enough. A life of living in the shadows. Often just existing and not truly living.

The accountability will come in where I will share what has worked for me every week or is working for me. Whether it is a new app I am trying, an article I have read or a new technique or tool that I am exploring. I will also share my goals and how I am progressing towards those goals. 

I am not sure how the project will unfold, but as I learn new skills and become more adept at writing, social media, and all other tools required these days, things can only get more interesting. The end goal will ultimately be workshops, retreats and challenges. Who knows, perhaps even a book or a PhD. This is about simply starting. Taking that first step and putting fear and doubt behind me.

As they say in the classics, “watch this space” or as I prefer ………buckle up cupcake, things are about to get real.

May you find the courage to do the same.

michael theron

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